MAO INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER COOPERATIVE FOR SOCIAL PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT, hereinafter referred to as the Company, was established in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation No.3085-1 dated June 19, 1992 “On consumer cooperation (consumer societies, their associations) in the Russian Federation”, the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, other legislative enactments of the Russian Federation, its own Articles of Incorporation and the internal documents of the Company adopted on its basis.

1. The main objective of the Company is to meet the general and individual economic, social, cultural and other needs of shareholders, through the implementation of production, agricultural, procurement, purchasing, trade, intermediary, consumer and other activities not prohibited by the legislation of the country of location, as well as the protection of common interests of shareholders on all life sustaining issues. To achieve these objectives, the Company establishes its enterprises, representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation and in the near and far-abroad countries on the basis of generally recognized principles and provisions of international law and independently develops programs for its social and economic development.

2. The Company is a legal entity, namely a non-profit organization, a voluntary association of citizens and legal entities, established on the basis of membership to meet the financial and other needs of the participants.