1. The Company is a legal entity upon its state registration, is the owner of property, has its own independent balance sheet, settlement, currency and other bank accounts in the Russian Federation and abroad, a round seal, stamps, and letterheads.

2. The Company shall be entitled on its own behalf to acquire property, exercise property rights, independently act as a plaintiff and defendant in the courts, arbitration and intermediate courts.

3. The Company shall conduct its activities on the territory of the Russian Federation and shall be entitled to gain direct contact with the organizations, economic entities, including foreign ones.

4. For successful fulfillment of its objectives, the Company shall be entitled to establish and open cooperative units, structural subdivisions in other territories. The cooperative units and structural subdivisions of the Company shall not be the legal entities and shall act on the basis of the approved Regulations.

5. Place of location shall be the Novosibirsk region, Novosibirsk.
The address of the Company shall be indicated in the unified state register of legal entities. The permanent sole executive body of the Company, namely the Chairman of the Management Board, shall be located at its address.

6. The company has been established for an indefinite period of time.